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In-Home Care: Grooming Your Senior’s Hair

May 31, 2017 by Brenda Wright

As we age, some of the angst of youth fades, making us more relaxed about our looks. But, our hair is a big part of how we present ourselves to the world, and most of us still want to look our best. Unfortunately, getting to a hairdresser is not always convenient or in the budget. That’s okay – by following a few quick tips you can make your senior’s hair can look like they are ready to go to the prom!

Caring for A Senior’s Hair at Home

Stay Positive – don’t take it too seriously, keep it light and make it a pleasurable experience for your senior.

Simple and Realistic – as we age, our hair may thin or curly hair may straighten out – work with what you have and keep your senior involved in the ‘decision making process’ as you are deciding on how to cut their hair.

Watch the Temperature (water and room) – this seems like a no brainer but seniors are more sensitive to temperatures than you or me.

Set the Mood – initially your loved one may be confuse or afraid before you start cutting. Make sure you are both calm when you start cutting – you’ll both enjoy the experience and his/her will look better for it.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor – after you finish, if your senior is able take them out to lunch to show off their new haircut. This is a reward for both of you and is positive reinforcement for a task that is not always pleasurable.

Get Help – even for the most motivated caregiver without formal training a full wash, dry and style each day is not a realistic goal. Missing a day or here or there is not going to hurt anyone but do try to get into a routine. Occasionally take your loved one out to a hair dresser and get the full treatment! If they want their hair colored that is a job best left to the professionals and a field trip occasionally will be a great outside the house activity for both you and your loved one.

If you don’t always have time to wash your senior’s hair, most home care agencies can assist your independent senior with this. Comfort Keepers of Santa Clara helps local seniors with all levels of personal care from bathing to dressing and grooming. We also provide senior companionship and transportation assistance to places like hair salons and the supermarket – call us today and find out how we can provide some assistance at home for you and your independent senior. Our number is 408-622-0411 or you can contact us online anytime. 

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